The Sandbox Garden is…

  • A source for herbal and verbal healing ~ from simple boo-boo kits to channeled freeform experiences. These live in the Garden of Alchemy.
  • A transmission of actualization ~ a constellation of tools, activations, vibrations and ideas that provide you with innumerable paths to resonance with your deepest + highest infinite Self. I also offer Spirit Readings to aid this process.
  • A source of knowledge ~ an integrative distillation of ancient + modern cosmologies + modalities; with sections devoted to cataloguing the ancient mysteries + lineages before it. Browse the growing knowledge sections, or check out…
  • A place to experiment ~ offering you practices of all kinds and flavors serving different aspects of your Self, including stories, meditations, activities + reflections; for recognizing your shadows and holding more light in the present moment. You can find these in The Dreaming Sandbox.

This entire system serves to remind you that you don’t need it in the first place, its just a set of potential paths to regenerate your vibe. To revive you from your waking gaze and activate your awareness of your own internal eternal nature.

Explore your inner self, tend your wounds, or have an exciting journey.
It’s what you make it.

Free First Talk

Not sure which reading you want, which alchemy kit to choose, or even if this group of offerings is what you’re looking for? I can spare 20 minutes or so (1x per person) helping you hone in on that, whether it’s something I can offer you or not!

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Beginning the Expansive Inner Journey

The most effective spiritual pursuits (including physical healing) lead to a recalibration of emotion and perspective through greater self-awareness.


Various tried and true methods of increasing self-awareness on Earth could fit in the category ‘divination’ – contacting “higher level beings” via oracular states (or modern channeling), cards, runes, tea leaves, bones, dice, pendulum, scrying by various tools, and other methods. I offer several.

If you know you have inner work + play to do, but you’re not sure which direction to go next, divinatory readings can help deliver messages from your Guides along with spiritual-practical context and the timeless teachings they feel apply to you now.

The divine gifts of the garden, the sandbox and the inspiration you see here, are very much anchored in and informed by my work as divinator. In fact, I wouldn’t say a single offering is the result of my conscious work alone – though I may be the only one involved currently incarnated. If you’re interested in deeply insightful and mulitidimensional Spirit Readings, I offer a myriad of spreads and methods. Several of them are designed, or called in, by my higher Self.

The Garden of Alchemy

Every herbal recipe I offer is organic and carefully prepared utilizing knowledge and insight from several modalities, including Modern Biology & Chemistry, Ayurveda, TCM, Western Alchemy + Magickal Folklore from across the globe. I apply this accumulated integrative knowledge in experimentation and fine-tuning before releasing any kit or tea pack. I also “channel” recipes. In these cases, I still check for any incongruences with the tried and true systems of healing, but so far they all fit within these modalities.


I offer a thorough selection of herbal teas + alchemy kits, handmade herbal candles, sacred space tools + crystals, and self-decoration. You can find out more  at the shop.


The children of the Earth tumbled,
and climbed,
and rolled on.
Floating down the rivers, ascending steep mountains,
crossing the expanses, and going within.

They awoke to find themselves in a sandbox.


A place, woven by points of crystal, open to new roots, in this world born anew.
A people, who are learning to hold their own Water,
as the Standing People of the deserts and forests did for them,
before them.
Growing towards the firey light,
and breathing in the darkness.


Just as the Sandman Sounded the Great Slumber,
Earth’s children have echoed and grown.
Ready to play.
Ready to expand upward as the tree,
and outward as the stonecrop,
on everflowing, ever-molding ground.