If you haven’t already, please read the introduction at Pick Your Pace.

This pace describes a carefully designed sequence of interaction with all items in The Dreamtime Satchel (or Single Satchels #1-3) and the Sandbox library. It is meant for those who want clearly defined guidance the whole way. But, like everything at The Sandbox, it can be adapted to serve only one of those purposes. 

You could speed this pace up, using these directions as a source for ordering tea use and rituals.

Or, you could ignore the ritual prescriptions and use these directions as an online lesson plan.

This pace is rightly named. If you follow it, over the course of at least 12 days, to several months, taking the time you need inbetween 3 rounds of thorough preparation, we’ll cover all the knowledge on this site, every item in The Satchel and a range of dream reflection and lucid dreaming approaches. Most readings are suggested for new adventurers, except that Meet Our Allies and Core Knowledge are considered integral.

For those with more experience and familiarity, this pace offers you more time for reflection, activities and unpacking your bundles of experience in waking life. Though, it is likely there’s some info here that’s new to you too!

Under Construction


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