On this page you’ll find messages, meaning and information about each plant, crystal and symbolic ally invoked and infused into the handmade satchel…

While I frequently use ‘she’, most of these friends don’t have specific genders like humans do… My own human self here now is content and empowered in embodied womanhood, which certainly influences my mind, yet I am also fluid in my social gender and sexuality. Mapping binary or even trinary gender constructs, or another element, onto a given entity or item takes careful awareness. Use whatever pronoun feels right to you. Plants and crystals don’t seem to feel defined in such terms in the way we do; at least from my perspective. While plants and crystals don’t think analytically like we do, they do have an awareness of their own presence and being. Researchers have finally rediscovered that plants do have feelings. I merely wish to relay this sense of consciousness in them to the most people possible, by using personal pronouns.

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Plant Allies

Bundled into The Dreamtime Satchel (Singles #1-4) are four unique mixes of tea (three general types), an oil infusion, smudge sticks and a dream mask-pillow. For these herbal treatments, each sacred combination is fine-tuned for its purpose.

The spell-woven candles extend the set by providing aromatherapy and candle magic, when you light one with your intention.

The candles are powerful, but the spell is not complete. Think of them as dream-colored canvases on which you paint your own spell. With the ritual, your words and intentions, as your instrument. Suggestions are provided.

The following is a general list of the plant allies you will encounter along the way.

The order of this list is not based on recipe ratios nor importance. It’s based on reading flow.

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Burdock Root – My dear old friend. Burdock is used for many things, including clearing away negative energies, by both physically and energetically balancing our blood. She’s known for her dark color, connection to our blood, cooling energy and promotion of lipid health. These connect her with the cycles of life and death.

She is a healer, a strengthener and an ally for journeying into the unknown.

Burdock root enhances our longevity, cleanses our blood (alterative), and focuses on healing the uterine system (kidneys, bladder), liver and even acne! Burdock is packed with inulin and rich with nutrients, so she replaces toxins with nourishement. The root has also been used to balance hormones, effectively increase hair growth, and for immune support, which seem well-suited considering its effects on our blood and organs.

Synchronizing with the energy of our blood gives us strength and helps us to heal wounds large and small, physical and mental. Synchronizing with our internal waterways helps us to cleanse our subtle energies and emotions. It is said that the blood itself is what carries the sacred power of our individual lifeforce.

Burdock is associated with protection and immortality, as well as the figures Hecate, Ceridwen and Sacred Bear. Her cardinal energy is Water. She is frequently listed as feminine.  Her original names are words for Mask and Hand (which are relevant to dreaming).

In her capacity of uniting dual energies, she is both Isis & Hathor, Virgin Mother & Magdalene,  Athena & Aphrodite, Idun & Skadi, and so forth. Burdock can help us comprehend how we can each be sovereign, and yet inseparable from each other at the same time.

Her native lands are the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Burdock’s insight is that accepting duality enhances the flow of our creative energy. She is a beacon of love, clearing our roots and nourishing, embracing the dark and then filling it with light, and feeling fully empowered. This is what she wishes to share with you.

White Willow – Cozy inspiration. Known as witch’s aspirin, White Willow has been a deeply sacred tree since time immemorial. She has been used for the most important rituals in several cultures across three continents, including for safe passage in the afterlife.

White Willow bark has a wide array of purposes. It’s safer than aspirin and relieves pain through several additional biological mechanisms. It’s also more effective at treating Alzheimer’s. White Willow is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, anti-microbial and can be used to replace NSAIDs. It also supports other herbs’ effects and can improve your metabolism. The tree grows quickly, is hardy and can withstand shocks, bending without breaking.

White Willow comforts and ignites us. She is a tree of healing, initiates association magick (for sympathetic healing and afterlife protection), gives us dreams, visions and inspiration, and enhances intuition. She is an ideal candidate for wand material, dreaming, and healing energy-body ruptures or distorted internal communication of any kind. She is the sacred tree of poets. She is also associated with bees.

She is an ideal ally to synchronize with, for making us comfortable, healthier and more insightful as we venture into the unknown. She directly supports our fruitful dream journeying

White Willow is associated with the new moon, poetic inspiration, feminine rites, immortality and the figures Artemis, Hecate, Belili and Jehovah. Her cardinal energy is Water. Her name relates to her use in wicker and Wicca, though she is also sacred in both other naturalistic and monotheistic beliefs.

White Willow is native to Africa, Asia and Europe.

Willows, in general, can be found on every continent. Black Willows, like the one growing near my home, are native to North America. All Willows feel a gentle guardianship towards humans.

White Willow’s message is to be soft, sacred and magical with yourself. Acknowledge your pain, learn its root, but choose not to suffer. If we let it, even in the midst of confusion or chaos, recognizing reality, life can be meaningful and loving.